Thursday, January 20, 2011

Youtube Rocks!!!

Have you ever been on It is a great place to go when you're bored. My favorite account is arglefumph. He makes video walkthroughs for Nancy Drew, The Oregon Trail, Legend Of Zelda,Mario, anything you could imagine. It has my favorite singers videos on it, too. They include: Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Justin Beiber, Micheal Jackson, and Lady Gaga. This is a starter blog, so I'm basically telling you about me. My favorite TV shows are: Glee, Sonny With A Chance, American Idol, Live To Dance, The Carol Burnett Show, America's Got Talent,anything that involves Broadway show tunes. I want to go to Julliard, a permorming arts college in New York and perform on Broadway, which is also in New York. So anyway, Youtube is a cool site. Check it out. I gotta go. Kisses!!!!!

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